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About Us

The Cedarmore Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 community-based institution founded in 1996 by Bishop Frank 0.White that provides comprehensive services to underserved communities on Long Island. The organization’s mission is to form a cooperative of quality programs to improve the educational, social and emotional development of youth representing a diverse population of families from Nassau and Suffolk counties.

For more information about the Cedarmore Corporation, visit
Phone: (516) 378-3415
Mailing address: The Cedarmore Corporation 161Lakeview Avenue Freeport, NY 11520

Bishop Frank A. White, CEO         Mrs. Roberta Coward, Board Chairperson

The late Bishop Frank 0. White, Founder

Cedarmore programs always focus on the most relevant issues of our times including literacy, nutrition, abstinence, employment and work ethic for youth as well as decision-making. Currently, the Cedarmore corporation now operates 5 key programs including: Afterschool Enrichment, Ready, Set, kNOw, Big Brothers Basketball Association (including Readers Become Leaders), Young Entrepreneurs Training Program as well as its most recently – Freeport Farmers Market.

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